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D. Michael Lindsay

Principal Investigator, The White House Fellows Project

PrincipalInvestigator.jpgD. Michael Lindsay is a sociologist whose work focuses on leadership and culture. In 2006, he joined the faculty of Rice University where he is also the faculty associate of Leadership Rice and associate director of the Center on Race, Religion and Urban Life. He is also a Rice Scholar at the James A. Baker III Institute for Public Policy.

Two international scholarly societies have honored Dr. Lindsay for his path-breaking work on elite leaders and his wide-ranging research interests. His work has been published in the leading scholarly journals of three academic fields—sociology, religion, and American studies—and in 2006 at the World Congress of Sociology, he was honored in a worldwide competition as the most promising sociologist under age 35.

Dr. Lindsay is the author of the Pulitzer-nominated book, Faith in the Halls of Power: How Evangelicals Joined the American Elite. Publishers Weekly named it one of the "Best Books of 2007," and The Economist praised it as "An impressive and admirably fair-minded book: anybody who wants to understand the nexus between God and power in modern America should start here." Dr. Lindsay's research has been profiled in hundreds of media outlets.

Dr. Lindsay earned his doctorate in sociology from Princeton University where he was named a National Science Foundation Graduate Fellow in 2002 and the Harold W. Dodds Fellow in 2004. He also received the 2003 Outstanding Teaching Award—the university's highest award for graduate student teaching—from Princeton's Graduate School and the Association of Princeton Graduate Alumni.

Prior to pursuing a doctoral degree, Dr. Lindsay served as a survey researcher at The George H. Gallup International Institute in Princeton, New Jersey. He also holds graduate degrees from Princeton Theological Seminary and Oxford. He and his wife, Rebecca, were both Phi Beta Kappa graduates of Baylor University. They are the proud parents of Elizabeth, and they presently reside in Houston, Texas.

His personal webpage is www.rice.edu/mlindsay.


"A hundred years from now, when historians look back... I hope very much that they will be able to say: There, once again, was an era when the young men and the young women of America and their Government belonged to each other—really belonged to each other in fact and in spirit."
Lyndon B. Johnson
October 3, 1964

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